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Essay I wrote for philosophy class: Pascal's Wager and the Ontological Argument Defeated

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Rationally, the probability that God sports is positive, and no infinite, and we refer that should we win we reap the foreign reward, which is popular utility. Saka, Paul () "Pascal’s wager and the many gods objection", Religious Studies Schlesinger, George () "A central theistic argument", in Jordan a; a restatement of Lycan & Schlesinger Although Pascal’s Wager serves as a stepping-stone for non-believers, it is a rather vague, faithless and inaccurate argument.

Pascal’s wager takes the position of a gambler.

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It says that it is far more logical to believe in God because the odds are in one’s favor. Pascal's Wager "Wager, then, without hesitation that He is". Outline an argument that may have led Pascal to this conclusion and critically consider one objection to it/5(1).

Pascal's Wager

Refutations of Pascal’s Wager and the Ontological Argument When debating a theist about the existence of God, there are two arguments that many of them tend.

The Argument from Pascal's Wager Most philosophers think Pascal's Wager is the weakest of all arguments for believing in the existence of God.

Essay I wrote for philosophy class: Pascal's Wager and the Ontological Argument Defeated

Pascal thought it was the strongest. A critical look at Pascal's Wager, the argument that belief in God is rational whether or not there is evidence for God's existence, because it is in our interests to believe.

Philosophy of Religion Pascal wager argument essay
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Argument from Pascal's Wager by Peter Kreeft