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What Is the Difference Between East Egg and West Egg in

Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast East Egg to West Egg in The Great Gatsby.' and find homework help for other The Great Gatsby questions at eNotes. The symbolism of West Egg and East Egg, two fictional communities located on Long Island, are used to emphasize the strain on romantic relationships between people of.

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The novel mirrors the East-West divide of the whole country in the division between West Egg and East Egg. Nick and Gatsby live on West Egg, which means that they have retained their closeness to western values. [tags: Free Essay Writer] Free Essays words ( pages) Luxuries and Love in the Great Gatsby by F.

Difference Between East Egg and West Egg

Scott Fitzgerald Essay. The Great Gatsby is set in New York and on Long Island, in two areas known as West Egg and East Egg.

The Great Gatsby- East Egg vs. West Egg

The narrator, Nick, describes West Egg as the home to the “new rich,” those who, having made their fortunes recently, have neither the social connections nor the refinement to move among the East Egg. The novel mirrors the East-West divide of the whole country in the division between West Egg and East Egg.

Nick and Gatsby live on West Egg, which means that they have retained their closeness to .

East egg vs west egg essay writer
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