Arguments against the death penalty in h l menckens essay

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The Death Penalty

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The Penalty of Death () by H.L. Mencken. Although H.L. Mencken’s essay in favor of capital punishment was written long ago, the issues remain essentially the same today. Death Penalty Should be abolish in Malaysia Capital punishment is still stably set in Asian countries.

44% or 24 countries in Asia still impose the death penalty and this includes Malaysia and Singapore. H.L. Mencken’s essay “The Penalty of Death” advocates in favor of the death penalty. Mencken thinks that capital punishment is a very beneficial component of any justice system.

Mencken thinks that death penalty should be given to those who take the lives of other people challenging all civilized order. The Penalty of Death In this essay, H.L.

Mencken has two arguments that stand out in the beginning of this essay. These arguments are against the penalty of death, although his essay is in a way, for it. -The Penalty of Death -Written by H.L. Mencken, [2]-Thesis -The thesis of the essay is on pageand is the last sentence of paragraph 3.

-Main Arguments/Points -To start the essay off, the author attacks two of the main arguments used by people who are against capital punishment. These points are clearly illustrated on page in 1/5(1).

As shown in H.L. Mencken on the Writing Life, Mencken was an influential satirist as well as an editor, literary critic, and longtime journalist with The Baltimore Sun.

As you read his arguments in favor of the death penalty, consider how (and why) Mencken injects humor into his discussion of a grim subject.

Arguments against the death penalty in h l menckens essay
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The Penalty of Death - Summary | Major English Class 12